Crusaders for Christ Billboard Ministry is based on Isaiah 62:10.

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Crusaders for Christ are a remnant of faithful servants who seek to make a difference by setting the stage and sowing seeds for a spiritual awakening by evangelizing on billboards to thousands of travelers 24/7.

"Anything is possible if a person believes." Mark 9:23

We believe: God will transform the billboards into lighthouses, so that many can return to Him.

  • Warn the lost
  • Revive the lukewarm
  • Ignite the faithful
  • Evangelize 24/7
  • Exalt God on billboards 24/7
  • Sow seeds for a Spiritual Awakening 24/7
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  • For America to retain its Christian heritage and to have a revival of Christianity.
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  • Crusaders for Christ is setting the stage with billboards for a Spiritual Awakening and sowing seeds for household revivals through "Revival San Antonio".
  • The Church must assume leadership for the moral direction of our nation.
  • Do not remain silent or idle when blasphemy is directed toward our God.
  • Pray for Revival.
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