Crusaders for Christ was established as a 501c non-profit religious organization in 1996.

Crusaders for Christ was started in response to the growing movement in our society to remove God, Jesus and the Bible from our nation's schools, government buildings, public facilities and culture.

  • The vision is for America to be a Nation that honors and glorifies God.
  • The mission is to glorify God and evangelize on outdoor billboards.
  • The purpose of this ministry is to help advance the Kingdom of God.
  • The objective is to supplement traditional methods of evangelism.
  • The desire is to help revive the remnant and start a revival of Christianity and righteousness.

Crusaders for Christ seeks to proclaim God's message to thousands of souls daily. The hope is for the billboards to serve as a lighthouse on the road guiding travelers toward God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and a church of their choice.

Outdoor billboards were selected as the primary method for evangelism because they are easily noticed and they can be constant reminders.

The goal is to honor God 24/7 and try to impact the thousands of people that travel daily through the roads of San Antonio.

The first Bible Billboard went up on December 2, 1996, by the grace of God. The ministry began with one 6' x 12' billboard to proclaim the real reason for Christmas. The ministry has expanded on faith and the favor of God.

The 2013 Bible Billboard Campaign was the largest in the ministry’s history. It was comprised of ten 14' x 48' billboards.

Currently, the ministry places one 14’ x 48’ billboard in a different location each month.

Donations are needed to maintain or expand the number of billboards each month. The billboards are displayed year-round in different locations. 100% of the donations are used for the cost of the billboards.